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Everything is possible if you can create it in your mind

We are Ella and John, digital nomads, mindset coaches, yoga trainers, and visionaries. Together we will create a holistic island and holiday resort - The Elljoworld Island. 

 In our newsletters, we give tips and tricks on how you can become a digital nomad yourself, and update you about what is going on in the Elljoworld.


We are very active on various social media platforms. Besides living the life of content creators, and being 500 RYT Yoga teachers, we are building our dream island where we want to offer different services and packages to help people create a more peaceful reality for themselves and others. 

The Elljoworld Island

Aerial View of Islands

The Elljoworld Island

On the Elljoworld Island you will be able to relax and find yourself again, reconnect with your spirit and soul. You can come for a short holiday or a much longer stay. The choice is yours. We will provide the highest accommodation standards, guides with knowledge about plant medicine and herbs, the best yoga and meditation coaches you can find, floating sensory deprivation tanks, cold exposure therapies, and a lot more.


For every stage of your life, we will create the perfect package of self-finding journeys, activities, and rest. More info here

Help us make it happen and become a Patreon or go on our gofundme site.

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Ella Heart

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